Driving is an art and the art can be refined only through proper guidance and training. Thus, though the driving is an individual style, the style can be enhanced by training alone. Further, vehicle or its components are evaluated by test engineers / drivers / technicians. Hence, a proper training will enhance their capability and thereby provide uniform Technical Evaluation language on the rating scale of 0 - 10 as per SAE standard.

PDI takes care of Training the inquisitive mind to carry out Subjective Evaluation of the system along with its modules from Static Ergonomics to Limit Handling.

Thereby providing queries / solution to questions like "Do the suspensions provide desired comfort? Do the tyres hold the ground firmly? Does the vehicle respond to the driver's intentions, precisely? Does the Weight distribution respond properly to steering input and is balanced? Does the car performed excellently at its extremities? Are there unexpected handling mishaps?" Relevant topics are taught to the engineers/drivers and experts to perform the evaluation with authenticity and reliability.

Some of the training packages provided by PDI are

  • Basic / Advanced Driving Course
  • "Conquer The Tracks" concept: Off Road Driving Course
  • Train the Trainer (in collaboration with international trainer on International Tracks)

    And many more based on Customer need

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