Testing is the most critical factor in the development processes. In essence what matters is the speed at which testing is done for new vehicle / new technology. For system validation and testing, it means that the products must be proven for its functionality, durability, reliability, and conformance. The complex test problems encountered during testing are solved by PDI with meticulous planning and execution of the Project. PDI primarily focuses on the method of proving the system and its modules by driving in the most varied situations / terrain both precisely and economically.

From performance tests on any vehicle and components (fuel system, cooling system, brake system, electrics/electronics, heating/air conditioning system) up to functional tests, PDI can evaluate over the complete range.

Our results and reports are definitely superior to those done by virtual methods alone.

To name a few, the varieties of Testing that can be undertaken by PDI are:

  • Coast Down Test
  • Acceleration Test
  • Brake Tests
  • Bench Mark activity
  • Radiator Performance Test
  • Heating / Air conditioning system Test
  • Tyre Subjective Test
  • Suspension / Chassis Tuning Test
  • Fuel Consumption Test (Constant speed / city route / highway route)
  • Consumer Forum Plantiff / Defendant Test
  • And many more based on Customer need

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