If a product needs to be rolled out in the market, the most common question by the user is "How durable or reliable the product is?" and we at PDI, have professionals to rate and evaluate the same for the OEMs and Suppliers. From the manufacturer of the tyres/brake to the lubricating systems, we offer a proven and systematic report generation which will help the developer to understand the performance of their product.

Durability is to evaluate the total life of product with proper servicing / maintenance carried out on the system / component.

Reliability is to evaluate the maximum life provided by the product until its first breakdown.

PDI compiles data that can be used to evaluate the vehicle's quality in terms of durability, deterioration, consumption and wear (economy). The resulting data may vary with client's demands. Thus, we offer as many as various different parameters from chassis deviations to fuel and oil consumption under real road conditions and all-weather situations with various geographical concerns.

We undertake complete logistics from procurement of the test vehicles to the planning of the test route & methedology to its systematic execution. We carry out round-the-clock test drives in several shifts. Our job is to drive, to acquire test data and to document the reports.

To name a few, the Mileage evaluations that can be undertaken by PDI are

  • Route Recce for all terrain/climatic performance of a module as well as of the system
  • Tyre wear
  • Brake Wear and Performance
  • Fuel/Oil Consumption
  • Chassis Endurance
  • Component Durability

    And many more based on Customer need

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