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Worldwide there is rapid growth taking place in the Automotive Industry. Thus, modification / developments are being evolved daily in the field of Vehicle Dynamics. The newly evolved Vehicle Dynamics needs to be proven for its Performance, Durability, Reliability, Functionality and Conformance. Though the Vehicle or a Component is developed in R & D laboratory using virtual technologies, there is inescapable need to prove these Vehicles and Components by their practical use under harsh terrain and various climatic conditions.

In India, there is no independent service provider which can meet the challenge of proving the newly developed vehicle and components at an accelerated pace with accuracy and professional approach. ProDynamics India or in-short PDI is the only such agency which has risen to meet this challenge of Indian Market. Since, its inception in FY 2011-12 as a Micro Company under Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) category PDI has been providing its services in the field of Testing, Mileage and Training. In FY 2012-13, it graduated into Small Company category and by the end of FY 2014-15 PDI will be proudly claiming the status of a Medium company and thus will continue to grow exponentially.

In Testing, PDI has provided its services in evaluating component manufactured by major manufacturers, evaluated tyres manufactured by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), benchmarking of vehicles, read more...

Similarly, PDI has carried out Mileage performance evaluation of components and tyres also for their durability, read more...

Presently, PDI conducts Training project for OEMs, as there is a vast need in this field from D-level Basic Training to A-level Expert Training, read more...

Since beginning, PDI conceptualized that they will provide tailor made package to OEMs and Suppliers to meet and support their challenge, be it be a 2-Wheeler, 3-Wheeler, Passenger car or a 4X4 vehicle. Also, provide similar services for the Passenger vehicle, Commercial vehicle and Heavy commercial vehicle. This all out support provided by PDI has been Corroborating Confidence in OEMs / Suppliers, in launching their product in the market, with high degree of assurance.

PDI always believes that laboratory methods or virtual simulation alone can never be a substitute for a real time testing and is acutely aware of OEMs need for speedy and accurate results. PDI assures all this by working round-the-clock.

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